Check Out Our Women's Safety Toe Shoes

Since women have joined all areas of the work force, it is important to have high quality women's steel toe shoes available for their safety. At SD Safety Shoes, you will find a wide selection of safety shoes for men and for women. They carry some of the most popular brands like Caterpillar, Sketchers, Converse, Dr. Marten and more. Add a safety toe to the high quality of Rockport, and you will have a long-lasting pair of women's steel toe shoes that are comfortable and provide maximum safety.

SD Safety Shoes is a shoe doctor company that provides high quality safety shoes for work and play. They only sell men's and women's steel toe shoes and safety shoes that provide all day comfort and durability. You will find the shoes and boots to suit your needs when you shop with the shoe DR. They will always back their shoes with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee by providing you with the option to return them within thirty days if you aren't happy with them. You can have your money refunded or exchange for another pair of shoes for equal or lesser value. That's how confident they are that you will be satisfied with their shoes.

Work shoes are often put to the test on a daily basis, regardless of whether they are worn by a hard working man or a woman. Demanding conditions can cause stitches to break, eyelets to fall out, or soles to separate. When you purchase shoes from The Shoe Doctors, they will repair them at no charge if any of these repairs are needed. It doesn't matter if you make your purchase through the store, truck, or website. This applies to men's and women's steel toe shoes and soft toe shoes as well.

When you go online to order your safety shoes, go to You will see a drop-down menu for both men's and women's shoes so that you can choose from the category of shoes you are looking for. For instance, go to the menu for Women's Shoes and then go down the list to Safety Toe to find women's steel toe shoes. There are many categories to choose from including different size boots, oxfords, sneakers, oil-resistant, water-resistant and many more. Depending on the type of work you do, you need different types of safety shoes. You also need different styles for jobs where you work in the public where there is a dress code than when you work in a private area.

Once you have found the women's steel toe shoes that you want, ordering is easy and secure. You will also enjoy the free shipping on all orders without a minimum purchase. Safety is an important factor in many types of jobs. Taking all the necessary precautions to ensure that you aren't injured can save you and your family the pain and expense of being away from your job while you recover. You can count on all the shoes you buy from the shoe doctor at to provide you with the maximum comfort, durability, and safety for your work and play.