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Gun Store Orange County

Gun Store Orange County

It might be unsettling to finally visit your very first gun store in Orange County such as LAX Ammo OC, but being prepared on what to expect and learning the etiquette when visiting our gun store will make you feel one of the crowd. One essential discipline you need to possess before crossing the door is letting go of your ego and pride.

More often, gun shop visitors do not bother asking for assistance thinking they know everything. Most of these feelings stem from arrogance and thinking that people might see them as completely ignorant about firearms. In most instances too, this leads to bad decisions on gun choice which ultimately leads to a more significant problem.

It might be your challenging behavior that leads you to a gun store in Orange County or your penchant for firearms. But either way, being able to get the insight of our store personnel will help you decide on the appropriate purchase. Or even when you are just there to window shop, coming in the next time will make you more knowledgeable on what to buy.

Always Wear the Gun-safety Protocol Anywhere You Go

Gun handling generally follows simple rules to avoid accidents from happening. Following them rigorously will make your gun store visit safe, or even after you’ve purchased your prospective firearm. These rules are applicable no matter where you go and being mindful of them all the time will keep everyone safe including yourself.

The first rule of gun safety is always to treat the gun you are holding as loaded. Pointing the gun at someone or pulling the trigger unintentionally is a big no-no especially inside a gun store. Regardless if the gun is loaded or not, never attempt to pull the trigger or even point it in someone’s direction. You can have yourself kicked out of the store or much more called out for safety ignorance.

Also never put your fingers on the trigger unless you intend to test the gun, but you should steer clear from onlookers and do it in a safe environment.  Always be cautious when handling a gun because it can lead to hostile stares especially from attendants.

Rules for a Safe Dry-Firing Test

Testing the trigger or what is commonly known as the dry-fire process involves pulling the trigger for testing. It is often very easy to be tempted when fondling the gun, but it could also be dangerous. Ask the store attendant if it is safe to test the trigger before pulling it.

Always ask the store clerk for assistance especially if you are new at holding a gun or do not know the parts. Check if the ammunition chambers are empty and point the gun to an empty space. You can also point it at the ceiling or to the floor, but never at someone or space where there are people.

It is never bad to check and recheck the ammunition chamber or cylinder for bullets before dry-firing the gun. Remember that safety is of utmost importance when handling a gun.

Gun Store Orange County
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